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Bal Anat 50th Anniversary: Saturday, Aug 4th, El Cerrito, CA

Bal Anat, is the longest-running belly dance company in the world. The groundbreaking and globally-influential company was created in 1968 by Jamila Salimpour, who drew from her experience as a performer with the Ringling Brothers [...]

  • Lenka Jamila Salimpour Format Weeklong Workshop Certification Belly Dance

How This Dancer is Achieving Her Certification Dreams

Lenka Adamkova, a Salimpour School dancer in the Czech Republic, went from thinking she’d never visit the United States to study at the Salimpour School to earning her Level 3 certification in a span of [...]

From Suhaila: Exciting News for 2018

Each new year brings opportunities for change and growth. This winter is no different. With the passing of my mother this December, my family and the Salimpour School have already experienced a big shift. And [...]

Bal Anat: 50 Years of Your Belly Dance Family

Memories and the Meaning of Family If you were to ask me, “What does 50 years of Bal Anat mean to you?” The answer is simple: Bal Anat means family. I don’t remember a time [...]

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