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2017 Level 4 & 5 Dancers!

Congratulations to our newly certified level 4 and level 5 dancers! The level of dedication, training, research and heart it takes to certify in the Salimpour School of Dance is tremendous. We are so happy to congratulate these dancers on their monumental accomplishment! SL4 2017 Certified Dancers Rachel Duff Parya Saberi Janelle Rodriquez Anna Kemper [...]

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Testing Chute Changes

As the school evolves, so do the testing requirements. Changes to the testing requirements for Jamila Level 2, Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 are posted and highlighted in this blog.  These changes were implemented to better guide and focus dancers on the necessary content for testing, while allowing dancers more freedom and time [...]

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Already thinking about 2018 summer workshops?

Wow, what a great summer! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank each and every student who traveled to the mother ship for a summer workshop. We see your progress and commend your dedication to your training. With the wrap-up of the 2017 workshops, we’re already thinking about 2018. Suhaila has made [...]

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1991 BC: Suhaila Plants Seeds for the Future

The last time we saw Suhaila on film was her deliberate, architectural, and experimental choreography on Dances for the Sultan. There she had just begun her innovative work of integrating hard contraction isolations and jazz dance footwork into the belly dance canon. Her musical interpretation was intentionally experimental, deviating from what a dancer from “over [...]

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Erte, Experimentation, and Irony: Suhaila Salimpour’s “Pharaonic Suite”

When looking at the total of Suhaila’s recorded performances, you might notice that the “Pharaonic Suite” on the 1988 production Dances for the Sultan is different. The movements are highly stylized, bound, and deliberate. If you are familiar with more “traditional” interpretations of Arabic music, you might also notice that this particular work challenges those [...]

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Bal Anat Tour Coming 2018

The 50th Anniversary Tour of Bal Anat is coming in 2018. Dates & Locations Sweden: April 1, 2018 London: April 6, 2018 Belgium: April 8, 2018 Florida: April 21, 2018 Atlanta: Date TBA Chicago: Date TBA *Stay tuned for more details!

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Why Salimpour? Summer of Love Contest

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with the Salimpour School! We know you study with the Salimpour School because you love challenging yourself to be the best dancer you can be. Let us share YOUR dedication with the world! To do that, we’re excited to announce our 2017 summer contest! The winner [...]

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“Banat Iskandaria”

What to Watch for in Suhaila Salimpour’s “Banat Iskandaria” It’s easy to look back at a dance and only see it though a historical lens. We can identify certain movements as “dated” or a body line and position as from a certain time frame in belly dance history. The first dance off of Suhaila Salimpour’s [...]

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Time Management

"Mommy, why did you decide to do dance class and leave us?" The drama is strong in my household. I was simultaneously impressed and heartbroken. Then there's this one: "You have to go on a photoshoot AGAIN!?!?!?!?!" Or the less manipulative, but equally as daunting "What's for dinner?"   (Especially when the Venn diagram of what [...]

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Permission to Train

This winter, give yourself permission to train. Open yourself to not just physical growth, but mental and emotional, as well. Surrender to the work, and enjoy the process. Sometimes we begin viewing our training as the enemy. We get burned out or lose momentum or interest. But often a change in perspective is helpful. Consider [...]

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