Welcome to the Salimpour Home Studio!

Welcome to our local studio.  We look forward to seeing you on our dance floor soon.

Affectionately known as The Mothership, we are located at:

425 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA 94706

Ample parking is available on the streets in front and in back of the studio, and we are located about four blocks away from BART.  View the FAQs for more details.

Class Schedule

4 Class Series: Saturdays, Dec 2, 9, 16 & 23, 11am-1pm

You asked for it, and you got it! Four Saturdays of folkloric, fusion, finger cymbals, and funk, just the way you like it. All dancers welcome.

$25 drop in class.

4 Class Series: Saturdays, Dec 2, 9, 16 & 23, 11am-1pm

You asked for it, and you got it! Four Saturdays of folkloric, fusion, finger cymbals, and funk, just the way you like it. All dancers welcome.

$25 drop in class.

Master Class taught by Abby: Tuesday, Dec 12, 7-9pm

What all dancers should know about the Middle East. Bring your notebook and questions. All dancers welcome.

Click here for $25 early bird registration (must register by Dec 5th to redeem) or $30 drop in class.

Master class taught by Janelle Rodriguez: Sunday, Jan 28, 12-3pm

In this master class, Janelle teaches her personal Suhaila Level 4 certification choreography, Leylet Hob (A Love Night). This choreography is set to a passionate classic love song, with optional Level 3 & 4 layers and floor work. The music is from “Belly Dance” (Music for an Oriental Dance) Vol. 6

Click here for $40 early bird registration (must register by Jan 21st to redeem) or $45 drop in class.

Master class taught by Nawal Doucette: Mon, Jan 29, 7-9pm

Yin Yoga is long held poses that gradually stretch and stress the fascia. This is a very centering and restoring practice- most people say that they feel like they had a full body massage after just 1 class! Nawal has designed this particular workshop for students of the Salimpour Bellydance method- you will focus on chronic lower body tightness, especially in the lower back, quads, glutes, and hip flexors.

*We use props such as blocks blankets, and cushions to help support our bodies as we MELT open. Please bring what you are able!

Click here for $24 early bird registration (must register by Jan 22nd to redeem) or $30 drop in class

Master class taught by Abigail Keyes: Thursday, Feb 15, 6-9pm

Originally sung by Abdel Halim Hafez, “Gana al-Hawa” tells the story of a fleeting love that comes to us like a breeze… and leaves us just as quickly. Abby’s choreography to this classic song blends Jamhaila movement and lyrical musicality. Bring your finger cymbals.

Click here for $40 early bird registration (must register by Feb 9th to redeem) or $45 drop in class.

Class FAQs

Wear clothing appropriate for dance class, such as dance pants, jogging pants, leotards and tights with sports bras, tank tops and t-shirts. A light hip scarf is fine (no beads or coins please).
Bare feet, although ballet shoes and light jazz shoes may be used (but not required).
You’ll need finger cymbals, which are available at our studio. You might also bring a yoga mat for the warm-up and a water bottle.
Ample parking on street in front of studio and on street behind studio. Please do not park in neighboring parking lots for the dentist office and bank as they will tow.
The studio is located about 4 blocks away from the BART El Cerrito Plaza station; visit www.bart.gov for more information. An AC Transit bus stop (http://www.actransit.org, 510-817-1717) is located in front of the studio (Bus Lines 72, 72M, 800).
Unless otherwise noted, classes are $15 drop-in rate.
• Arrive early to be on time. No admittance ten minutes after start time.
• Water is allowed in the studio in closed-top containers only.
• No chewing gum or food allowed in the studio.
• Dress appropriately for exercise. No coin belts or beaded belts allowed.
• Dance shoes are allowed but must be used for dance only, no street shoes.
• Turn off your cell phone so it does not ring or buzz during class.
• Personal items must remain in the cubbies during class.
• If you need to leave early, tell the teacher before class.
• No talking during class.
• Bring a yoga mat and/or sweat towel if you need one.
Contact the School for more information.
For members of the Salimpour Certification Programs, students may earn:

  • 1 CEC for Salimpour technique weekly classes, regardless of length (includes 2 and 2.5 hour classes)
  • 1 CEC per hour (Salimpour technique class 3 hours or longer)
  • 2 CECS for private lessons on certification material and certification choreographies

See the “About Certification” page for more information.  Click here.

Eight Week Rotation

SL1-3: Singles
Dance Movement: Plie
SL1-3: Three Quarters
Dance Movement: Tendu
SL1-3: Pelvic Locks
Dance Movement: Dégagé
SL1-2: Squares
SL3: Squares, Pyramids, & Vs
Dance Movement: Rond de Jambe
SL1-3: Circles
Dance Movement: Battement
SL1: Figure Eights U-D, D-U
SL2: Pyramids & Vs
SL3: Diamonds, Hexagons, & Octagons
Dance Movement: Passe
SL1: Figure Eights F-B, B-F
SL2-3: Figure Eights
Dance Movement: Arabesque
SL1-3: Twists
Dance Movement: Turns
Suhaila Salimpour
Suhaila SalimpourOwner, Director, Choreographer, Master Teacher
Suhaila Salimpour is the creator, founder and head instructor of Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance. Schooled from an early age in jazz, tap and ballet, Suhaila began integrating her extensive classical training with the Middle Eastern dance passed on by her mother. Suhaila Salimpour has been teaching over 35 years and has revolutionized belly dance as an instructor, choreographer, and performer.
Jamila Salimpour
Jamila SalimpourLegacy Founder, Grande Dame of Belly Dance
Teaching since 1949, Jamila Salimpour is the “mother of tribal bellydance” in America. She was the first one to solidify a format of belly dance terminology that is still in use today. Her format is taught and applied to dancer movements worldwide. Jamila has been an influential figure in belly dance for over 60 years.
Sabriye Tekbilek is a performer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance whose stage presence and technique have been shaped by a lifetime of international performance and study. She is currently a Suhaila Level 5 and Jamila Level 5 certified dancer.
Bio coming soon. Abby is currently Suhaila Level 5 and Jamila Level 5 certified.
Bio coming soon. Lisa is currently Suhaila Level 4 and Jamila Level 2 certified.
Bio coming soon. Parya is currently Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 certified and a member of the Suhaila Dance Company.
Gina has been teaching and performing middle-eastern dance since the age of three and is a second generation belly dancer. Her technique both combines fusion and classical styles, and she has performed on national and international stages throughout her career. Gina is currently certified Suhaila Level 5 and Jamila Level 2