Suhaila Dance Company

The Suhaila Dance Company has has been at the forefront of classical, contemporary, and fusion belly dance since its founding in 1996. Under the direction of acclaimed and groundbreaking choreographer and master instructor Suhaila Salimpour, the company performs classic and contemporary works by Salimpour herself, including the critically-acclaimed Sheherezade and her newest body of work, Enta Omri. SDC has performed throughout the United States and Europe, including multiple times at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. They have also appeared on multiple performance DVDs, including the Fitness Fusion series produced by Goldhill Entertainment, as well as on the documentary American Bellydancer.

The company includes some of the most highly trained belly dancers in the world; all company members hold a Level 3 certification or higher in the Suhaila Salimpour format. They also perform with Bal Anat, the folkloric and fantasy belly dance troupe begun by Jamila Salimpour in 1968 and under the direction of Suhaila Salimpour since 1999.

Current members: Abigail Keyes (SL5/JL5), Lisa Price (SL4/JL2), Parya Saberi (SL3/JL3), Rachel Duff (SL3/JL2), and Tina Toy (SL4/JL2).

Enta Omri (You are my Life)

Enta Omri—Arabic for “you are my life”—is a full-length dance concert, showcasing Arabic music and its physicalization through belly dance. Choreographed by the highly-influential and innovative dancer Suhaila Salimpour, this production is an intimate and emotional journey through a lifetime of love and loss. Enta Omri showcases the artistic and technical possibilities of belly dance as a genre, eschewing clichés and popular imagery. It is set to classic Arabic music arranged by award-winning composer, singer, and ‘ud player Ahmed Doughan, and featuring drummer Ziad Islambouli.


Enta Omri is at the cutting edge of theatrical belly dance choreography. Salimpour has seamlessly fused the intricate isolations and articulations of belly dance with her lifetime of study in a multitude of dance genres, including jazz, ballet, modern, flamenco, street dance, and more. With simple set design and costumes, this production showcases the virtuosity and potential of belly dance, letting the movement and music speak for itself.

Be swept away by the power and emotion of Suhaila Salimpour’s Enta Omri.

The Repertoire Ensemble

More information coming soon.

Salimpour Collectives

Collectives are groups of Salimpour certified dancers officially approved by the School to work together under the Salimpour name on Salimpour choreography and performances.  Collectives provide a simple structure but official for dancers to work together on Salimpour material and performance.  Members maintain several performance-ready pieces while retaining previous work and learning new material.  Often working at different certification levels, all members are actively pursuing growth in the Salimpour formats.

Collectives are groups (typically remote) of Salimpour certified dancers officially approved by the School to work together under the Salimpour name on Salimpour choreography and performances.  Members are actively pursuing Certification in the Salimpour Belly Dance Formats and demonstrate steady progress toward that goal.  Each Collective has one responsible Group Leader to represent and speak for the group, and each collective also has an assigned Choreography Captain(s) to assist the group in performance readiness and preparation.

While the Collectives are endorsed and authorized dance groups, they are separate entities from the School principal performing groups including Suhaila Dance Company, Repertoire Ensemble, and Bal Anat.

Titles.  Approved Collectives must use the official titles:  Salimpour Performing Collective [INSERT CITY/REGION; Salimpour Collective [INSERT CITY/REGION]; [INSERT CITY/REGION] Salimpour Performing Collective; [INSERT CITY/REGION] Salimpour Collective.

Collectives learn, rehearse, and perform Salimpour choreographies and shows.  The goal is for Collectives to maintain 3-4 pieces as show-ready while retaining previous  work and learning new material.  All choreography is cleaned up by a Choreography Captain prior to performance.  In many cases, the Choreography Captain is located remotely from the group, and the group must be cleaned up by Skype first individually and then as a group.

Note that all Salimpour Choreography needs approval before performing.  Salimpour choreography is intellectual property of Suhaila and the Salimpour School and must be respected as such.

Collectives use professional, well-groomed, coordinated looks.  When appropriate for the venue and situation, they focus on sleek, minimal looks that showcase their fabulous dance skills, allowing for a full range of movement and not necessarily pointing to a specific style of dance.

Collectives have a specific logo. (For a small charge, the approved logo can be customized with the name of a specific city or region.)  Remember that use of the logo is only for approved and official purposes of the Collectives just as other School / Dance Company logos (and costuming) are for use by those entities only.  

If you are interested in forming or participating with a Choreography Collective, contact the School for more information!

List of Collectives

Group Leader:  Rachel George.

Choreography Captain:  Rachel George.


Rachel George  SL5 & JL3

Vilia Bouilly  SL4 & JL3

Gloria Lanuza SL3 & JL2

Dilek Koskal  SL3 & JL2

Kary Jacobsen  SL1 & JL1

Junko Takano  SL1 & JL1

Trisha Drennan  SL1

Valentina Martin  SL1

Marguerite Hughes  SL1 & JL1

Joy Keller  SL1 & JL1