Florida: Three Day Workshop taught by Abigail Keyes – Salimpour™ School

Florida: Three Day Workshop taught by Abigail Keyes

//Florida: Three Day Workshop taught by Abigail Keyes
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Jamila Salimpour Format: Mini-Combos
There’s more to the Jamila Salimpour Format than just 8 counts of this and 8 counts of that. Let’s mix it up, and add some fun combinations to your dance toolbox. Bring your finger cymbals!
Introduction to “Jamhaila” (Jamila Format Certification Required)
What happens when you take apart the steps in the Jamila Salimpour Format, layer them on top of each other, and add Suhaila Salimpour Format movements? You get Jamhaila! Learn what it’s all about and be prepared to dance away with newfound inspiration!
Pops, Locks, and Tick Tocks
Quick. Sudden. Direct. Hard contraction movements add excitement and textural interest to any belly dance performance. Learn the secrets to creating clean isolations and how to layer them over traveling movements.
Tamzara: Hard Rock 9/8 Choreography
While a Tamzara is a traditional Armenian folk dance, this version brings in American Cabaret, Turkish Oryantale, and fusion belly dance influences for a fun, challenging,and show-stopping performance.