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  • salimpour 70th summer contest belly dance

Summer Contest 2019: 70 Seconds for 70 Years of Salimpour

The Salimpour School is celebrating 70 years of sharing the art of belly dance with the world. When Jamila Salimpour first started teaching in 1949, she had no idea she would become one of the [...]

Sheherezade: Storytelling For Wider Audiences

In the Beginning… of the 2000s Belly Dance Boom In 2003, belly dance in the United States was on the verge of an explosion of popularity. Since the 1980s, interest in the dance lay dormant, [...]

Moving with Grace: A New New Home

For an area of the United States known for its creativity, innovation, and unique creative community, the San Francisco Bay Area has become notoriously difficult for artists and non-profit organizations. Many commercial property owners are [...]

  • Suhaila Salimpour belly dance solo show bellydance live Arabic music Berkeley performance

Suhaila Solo: The Art of the Nightclub Show

In our previous explorations of Suhaila Salimpour’s performance video catalog—"Banat Iskandaria," "Pharaonic Suite," 1991 BC, and Unveiled—we have followed the development of her choreographic work to recorded music. What we haven’t seen is her work as [...]

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