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Animal Inspiration Contest Winners Summer 2018

1st place winner: Anjanie Dindyal Prize: One Year Subscription to Online Classes Video Submission via Instagram. -Anjanie Dindyal (SL2 & JL2 Certified) 2nd place winner: Jane Chung How Prize: [...]

Unveiled: Revealing an Integrated Approach to Belly Dance

If you’ve been in the Salimpour School for a while, you are probably already familiar with at least some of the choreographies on Unveiled. And if you are newer to the school, we hope that [...]

Bal Anat 50th Anniversary: Saturday, Aug 4th, El Cerrito, CA

Bal Anat, is the longest-running belly dance company in the world. The groundbreaking and globally-influential company was created in 1968 by Jamila Salimpour, who drew from her experience as a performer with the Ringling Brothers [...]

  • Lenka Jamila Salimpour Format Weeklong Workshop Certification Belly Dance

How This Dancer is Achieving Her Certification Dreams

Lenka Adamkova, a Salimpour School dancer in the Czech Republic, went from thinking she’d never visit the United States to study at the Salimpour School to earning her Level 3 certification in a span of [...]

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