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Announcing the Bal Anat Remix CD

We are so excited to announce the new Bal Anat Remix CD, an electronic world fusion remix by Manko Eponymous. This music is great for performance, class and as a soundtrack for life. We asked Manko to explain his inspirations and process for developing the remix, and we share his writings below. This is a great [...]

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Suhaila Dance Company Performance

Rakkasah West was a blast this year, and the Suhaila Dance Company had a great time! Again, we want to thank the outstanding audience. Below, you’ll find links to the performance highlights. . .and a little insight to some of the choreographies. Raks Suhaila Suhaila’s classic Raks Suhaila choreography was written in the late 1980s. [...]

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Today’s Word: Recovery

We recently received a message from a dancer: “I’ve had [surgery] and I’m having a hard time getting back into dancing. I feel like when I contract nothing happens, and isolations are really painful. I’m on the verge of giving up, I can’t even roll my belly anymore.” This particular dancer will have a journey [...]

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Ali Gara Choreography

Suhaila’s choreography to Ali Gara is now available in Suhaila’s online classes. The music and choreography are incredibly beautiful. In love, sometimes the timing is off. . . things never quite line up. Sometimes by not acting on those first impulses or feelings toward someone. . .by acting too little and too late. . . the [...]

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Bal Anat Performance

We had a great time at Rakkasah West this year, and we want to thank everyone who came out for the show! As has been tradition since the original Bal Anat in the late 1960s, the current Bal Anat began with the Mother Goddess (Mask Dancer). The performance then continued with the Cane, Pot and [...]

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Suhaila’s 1991 BC Tamra Henna Performance

Suhaila’s Tamra Henna performance has been added to Suhaila’s Official YouTube Channel.  A complete copy of the performance plus Suhaila’s performance to a Zei El Hawa were originally published on the the 1991 BC DVD. Tamra Henna 1/4 Tamra Henna 2/4 Tamra Henna 3/4 Tamra Henna 4/4

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