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Announcing the “Enta Omri” Double Album

Suhaila Salimpour & Ziad Islambouli present Enta (You Are) Volume 1 & Omri (My Life) Volume 2 An intimate love letter telling the story of a lifelong love: you are my life! This double album includes my favorite classic compositions based on my years of working in night clubs both in the U.S. and in [...]

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The Oakland Boogaloo & Walter “Sundance” Freeman

When I was in high school (it was probably 1982 or 83), I learned about a performance in Oakland featuring local tap dancers. I was eager to attend, and I thought I might even see some of my fellow tap students from class. It was a bit of an evening out, so I dressed up [...]

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Popping, Locking & Belly Dance

In the early 1970s, new "funk style" dances were being developed by urban dancers in California. Locking (created by Don Campbell in the late 1960s) and popping (created by Sam Solomon) were two of the first and most popular. Others included hitting, electric boogaloo, roboting, strutting, etc. On the East Coast, break dancing was developing. [...]

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Today’s Word: Groove the Move

I remember my mother teaching class in the 1970s, using a method she developed years prior. Her students moved in a counterclockwise circle around the room, and she encouraged them to improvise with the movements and finger cymbal patterns. The very nature of keeping students working in a circle and not always facing the mirror [...]

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Today’s Word: Unexpected Bonuses

I grew up surrounded by belly dance. As soon as my parents were married, my father forbade my mother (Jamila Salimpour) from performing as a belly dancer; but by the time I was old enough to remember, he allowed her to teach. When my mother and I left the house, we escaped to the real [...]

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