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Batwanes Beek & Break Dancing

Many of you have already seen this video of dancers performing to a recorded version of "Batwanes Beek" sung by Warda al-Jazairia. The young men are break dancing (a dance form which originated in the United States) on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris to this modern Arabic classic. This performance worked because the presentation [...]

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Warda al-Jazairia (1939-2012), the Algerian Rose

  Our dance world has suffered a major loss with the recent passing of Warda Al-Jazaairia (1939-2012) this past May. She was an amazingly gifted singer. She worked with several of the great Arab composers, and many of her songs are considered modern classics. I often danced to live versions of her songs throughout my [...]

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This May, I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of my greatest dance inspirations: Mikhail Baryshnikov. He is truly amazing; he vibrates with energy, and when he focuses on something. . .you can feel the intensity. In 1974 while on tour with the Bolshoi Ballet, Baryshnikov defected from what was then the Soviet Union [...]

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