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Suhaila’s Certification and Teaching Programs

In August 2012, Christy of Eighth Wonder Studios in Calgary interviewed me about my certification program, mentorship, stylization and more. Many of her questions are ones that I’m asked regularly. For those of you not familiar with my teaching and programs, I think this will give you a good overview; and for those of you [...]

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Remembering John Compton

I was greatly saddened to hear the news that John Compton passed away this week. He had a long and prosperous belly dance career, and I want to share my story of how I first knew him. John had seen Bal Anat perform at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and wanted so badly to study with [...]

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Tribal Fest Interview with Kajira and Chuck

Kajira and Chuck are the co-producers of the extremely successful Tribal Fest that is held annually every May in Sebastopol, CA. Tribal and tribal fusion comprise a very popular and growing segment within belly dance. I am frequently asked about the Tribal Fest event. So late this summer, I interviewed Kajira and Chuck to answer [...]

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