Salimpour 300 Level Courses

Salimpour Intermediate 1 and 2   •   Performance Preparation   •  TA Fundamentals

Salimpour Intermediate 1 and 2

The Salimpour School offers Salimpour Intermediate 1  (formerly Suhaila Level 3) certification and Salimpour Intermediate 2 (formerly Jamila Level 3) certification.  Details about these and other Level 300 courses are below.

In Intermediate 1, students combine elements, learning to layer and integrate movement.   They develop increased precision and stamina while layering movements with various timings, downbeats, foot patterns, arm positions and finger cymbal patterns. They also receive training in emotional preparation and choreography skills.  Foundations 1 and 2 certification is required to enroll in Intermediate 1 testing preparation courses and to test for Intermediate 1.

In Intermediate 2, students apply the Intermediate 1 layering and movement integration to the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary.   By understanding the structure and technique in Suhaila’s format, students learn to expand the overall Salimpour format responsibly as they use the steps, sentiments, and stylizations from the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary.   Foundations 1 and 2 certification is required to attend Intermediate 2 testing preparation courses and to test for Intermediate 2.  To test for Intermediate 2, both Intermediate 1 and Foundations 2  certification are required.


Salimpour Intermediate 1 and 2

Online Courses and Live Workshops

Learn more about training using online classes or live workshops. Certification available through online courses and testing.


Training and Resources

Salimpour School Online and Technique. Online Classes are an effective tool for learning choreography and technique.  Our students have been training effectively with the online classes and progressing steading through certification for over a decade.  For the long distance learner, the online classes play a vital role in your dance training.  Take classes from the comfort of your own home whenever you want. Various subscriptions are available.

  • Subscribe to Salimpour School Online Classes to maintain Foundations stamina work and move forward with your Intermediate training.
    • For Intermediate 1, aim for 3 technique classes weekly including work on vibrations.  Drill movements ft and dt standing in home position, at the barre, and around the room in drills.
    • For Intermediate 2, remember to include Intermediate 1 and Folkloric Fusion classes in your training as they integral to the work.  As you develop your Intermediate 2 layering skills, always be clear on the default of each move.
  • Training Plans For Testing. Suhaila offers several training plans in the Online Classes to assist students in learning content.  To prepare for the certification exams, focus on training plans for the required choreographies.

Intermediate (L3) Courses and Workshops.  

  • Courses and workshops are designed to focus specifically on Intermediate material.
  • Check the Event Listings for the most up-to-date information on scheduled courses (online education) and workshops (live “in person” training).
  • Read the detailed course descriptions below.

Required Choreography

  • The required choreographies are listed in the Intermediate 1 and 2 Choreography section on this page.
  • The required Intermediate choreographies are available as choreography subscriptions in one month increments for you to study independently on your own time and at your own pace.  Each of the required choreographies has a related training plan in Online Classes.

Additional Training and Resources

Additional Assistance

Looking Ahead

As you work on Intermediate certification, you might find it helpful to also keep an eye on what is ahead of you in the certification program. Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • Develop your Personal Performance Catalog Highlight Sets.  (see Salimpour 400 Level for more details).
  • Register for Performance Preparation courses and workshops to learn skills for your performance catalogs (see below).
  • Register for the Teaching Assistant Training Fundamentals course.
  • Review documentation and testing guidelines for future levels, making sure you understand the requirements.

Training Options

  • The format builds.  By the time you get into the 200 level, the School is designed that you complete the coursework in a certain order, as material in one course prepares you for another; each course builds on material in the previous course.  As an example:  To take 302, you must certify in 301.  302 builds on content presented in 301, and you must demonstrate proficiency of 301 material by certification before enrolling 302.
  • Depending on when you received certification and in what format (workshop or online course), we may have recommendations for earlier level courses to re-review for new important content.  Contact the School for an appointment to discuss your goals and learn about your options.

Intermediate 1 and 2 Choreography

As part of the Intermediate 1 and 2 certification testing requirements, students must be approved on the Intermediate 1 and 2 choreographies.  Choreography approval, which is more commonly referred to as being “signed off” on a choreography, is the first step in learning choreography.  Students are evaluated based on demonstrating their knowledge of and practice in the sequencing, technique, and transitions.  Some of the required choreographies are noted as “Suhaila Solo”, and they represent choreographed versions of pieces from Suhaila’s extensive performance career in the Middle East and Arabic Night Clubs; these pieces serve as examples for performance elements (ex:  entrances, exits, and musicality) that will be helpful as you work on your Improvisation Performance Catalog.

For each testing course, students are required to submit their choreography videos during the course, the first choreography being due at the end of week one.  Students must turn in choreography work based on the original instructional Pay-Per-View (PPV) in  Choreography details presented in Master Classes, choreography notes, or regular studio classes will not count towards sign-off approval.

Video Filming Instruction

Certification Choreography 

  • Intermediate 1 (301d) Choreographies (in order)
    • L3FCDS (performed twice on one video:  once with R-dom cymbals, and once with L-dom cymbals)
    • Maddah Al Amar
    • Raks Suhaila (Suhaila Solo choreography)
    • Ali Gara
    • Unveiled Drum Solo
  • Intermediate 2 (302d) Choreographies (in order)
    • Zay El Hawa & Sallam Allay (Sallam Allay performed twice on one video:  once with R-dom cymbals, and once with L-dom cymbals)
    • Khatwit Habibi
    • Raks Jamila (Suhaila Solo choreography)
    • Cane Dance

Improvisation Performance Sets

Beginning in the 300 level, students have optional opportunities to submit Improvisation Performance Sets for feedback in preparation for 400 level requirements.  Click HERE to learn more about Improvisation Performance Sets.

Intermediate 1 and 2 Testing Steps

Part of the process of learning Intermediate material requires regular training by taking online classes and, when available, attending live Salimpour workshops to learn content that takes several weeks or months to develop.  The Intermediate 1 required choreography training plans in online classes help prepare for Intermediate 1 testing, and likewise for Intermediate 2.   When students feel they are ready to test for Intermediate 1 or 2 after preparing with the Training and Resources list, they contact the School to discuss enrollment in the Intermediate 1 Testing Preparation Course or the Intermediate 2 Testing Preparation Course. The School’s goal is to keep you continually moving forward in your dance studies and to set you up for success at each step of the process.  If for some reason Suhaila or her instructors feel you are not ready for testing, they will provide you specific information on what you need to learn or improve. (Note that Intermediate 1 is a requirement for Intermediate 2.).

More details about the Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 Testing Preparation Courses is below.  Both Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 exams include technique and written portions.  Learn more on the Certification Exam page.


Salimpour Intermediate 1: Suhaila Salimpour Format Intermediate Technique and Application: Personalization and Professionalism Test Preparation

Course S301d : 40 CECs

Click the Curriculum button for a link to the course details.


Salimpour Intermediate 2: Suhaila Salimpour Format Intermediate Technique and Application: Integrating the Jamila Salimpour Step Vocabulary Test Preparation

Course S302d : 40 CECs

Click the Curriculum button for a link to the course details.


Performance Preparation Course

Learn important skills and professionalism that are immediately applicable to your performances. Students must have Foundations 1 and 2 certification to attend; completion of a Performance Preparation course is required before students takes their Personal Recital Exams in Performance 1 or participate in Live Music workshops or courses.

The Performance Preparation online course includes assignments and evaluations of exits, entrances, drum solos, costuming, improvisation, emotional intent, staging, and more.  To prepare for the course, the School has prepared online class training plans for regular subscribers that contain the needed preparation content.  These training plans include:  Raks Suhaila, Raks Jamila, Maharjan, Set El Hosen, and Unveiled Drum Solo.

The Performance Preparation course is a requirement for Level 400. Students may take this course once they have Foundations 1 and 2 (Level 200) certification.

Click here to register.

For your performance catalogs, courses, and workshops, the following Resources are available.  Compare this content to the Online School training plans (see below) as not all material is duplicated.

Available free to regular Online Class subscribers.

  • Hearing Music and Using Tallies (requires SL1 certification) taught by Suhaila
  • Basic Entrances and Exits” video for improvised performances.  Review and know this material solid; it was filmed to assist students in preparing their personal performance catalogs, preparing for performance labs at weeklongs, and preparing to attend either the Performance Prep or Live Music workshops.  Look in the Specialty drop-down menu for “certification required” videos.
  • Improvisation Techniques 2 class series.  Look in the specialty drop-down menu for “certification required” videos.  Focused on traditional entrances for both Suhaila and Jamila formats.
  • Baladi Progression Master Class taught by Sabriye (also a PPV)
  • Performance Skills taught by Sabriye
  • Professionalism Lecture taught by Sabriye
  • Debke Stylization and Cane taught by Sabriye (also a PPV)
  • Arabic Language and Literature four-lecture series by Dr. Siddiq
  • DML2 Heels and Veil Classes (four) taught by Sabriye
  • FF on Baladi, Drum Solos, Exit (2 classes) taught by Sabriye (use search feature)
  • Taqsim Master Class taught by Sabriye
  • Improvisation taught by Sabriye
  • Music Lecture from Live Music, Sabriye (requires SL2 certification)
  • Veil Wraps and Transitions (with finger cymbals) L2 Dance Movement class taught by Yvonne (for Jamila stylization)

Online Class PPVs

  • Ear for Rhythms 1 and 2 by Issam
  • Beginning Drum Technique and Rhythms by Ziad
  • Rhythms 1 and 2 by Leyla and Roland
  • Stage Make-up Tutorial
  • Makeup Smokey Eye
  • Makeup Enta Omri Look


  • Solo Set Choreography Training Plans include the Performance Prep material.  Raks Jamila, Raks Suhaila, Maharjan, Hayati, and Unveiled Drum Solo.  Available in your Online Classes under Training Plans.
  • Know the Foundations 1 and 2 required certification choreographies as well as the En Rah and Elf Leyla choreographies.  These may be used during the workshop for examples and assignments.

Salimpour Performance Preparation: Practical and Professional Application of Performance Skills using Suhaila Salimpour Technique and Methods

Course P305b : 40 CECS

Click the Curriculum button for a link to the course details.


Teaching Assistant Fundamentals Course

The Teaching Assistant Fundamentals online course includes assignments and evaluations of warmups, movement breakdowns, explanations, classroom management, and move.  See the course description below.  Students must have Foundations 1 and 2 (S2 and J2) certification to attend.  Successful completion of a teaching Assistant Fundamentals course is required before students take the Teaching Assistant Foundations course.  Both the Teaching Assistant Fundamentals and Foundations courses are requirements for Teaching 1 (S5) and Teaching 2 (J5). Click here to register.


Salimpour Teaching Assistant Training: Salimpour Fundamentals

Course T308b : 40 CECS

Click the Curriculum button for a link to the course details.


Students with Intermediate 1 and 2 Certification are eligible for the following courses.

Course P305b.  Salimpour Performance Preparation

Course T308b.  Salimpour Teaching Assistant Fundamental Training

Course T408b.  Salimpour Teaching Assistant Fundamental Training. (Requires T308b.)

Course S401e.  Salimpour Performance 1:  Technique Testing and Choreography Presentation Preparation