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Inspirations: Judith Jamison

Earlier this week, we posted a quote from Judith Jamison, the Artistic Director Emerita of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  Judith has had an incredible career as a dancer and a choreographer.  We encourage you to take some time to learn more about her story, hear her voice, and view her life's work.  Here are [...]

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Music is Everywhere (Quotes & Thoughts)

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."  William Edgar Stafford (1914-1993) By the time we are adults, we have developed filters on the way we perceive and hear things.  We organize and prioritize what sounds are important for specific tasks, moments, and situations.  If we are crossing a busy intersection, [...]

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Phyllis Patterson (1932-2014)

We are saddened to learn that Phyllis Patterson passed away on May 18, 2014.  She was a passionate and artistic woman who conceived and created the modern Renaissance fair; and without her vision, the world of belly dance might be quite different today. Phyllis Ann Simbert was born on January 25, 1932 in Tennessee.  She married [...]

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